Piccione Piccione

The Piccione Piccione brand is the brainchild of Sicilian designer Salvatore Piccione who, after getting a Degree in Fashion Design in 2008 from the Istituto Europeo di Design, went on to gain experience as a Fashion and Print Designer at Mary Katrantzou in London. Salvatore has continuously developed his craft, emerging as a designer who completely masters the tools to create women’s clothes in vibrant graphics with vivid details, where his passion for embroidery can be appreciated and admired. His strong sensitivity towards womenswear, his attention to detail, love for ornamental embroidery and improvement, combined with a constant search for creativity and perfection have led him to the creation of Piccione Piccione.

The Piccione Piccione ideal for women derives form the revaluation of pure beauty. A woman who wants to be beautiful from a “natural point of view” is very aware of herself, she calculates every detail of her appearance, yet she seems effortless. Salvatore’s objective is not to change the “concept of woman”, but to improve her and make her noticeable, beautiful and intriguing. The Pigeon Pigeon woman is a protagonist, bold, feminine and fantastic!

She cannot be contained…