Erika Cavallini Semi Couture

Erika Cavallini Semi-Couture is a brand born in 2009, which quickly established itself in Italy and worldwide thanks to a winning formula that proved successful: maintaining the philosophy of small things with the strategies of the big, and believing in the work and efforts of the people, enhancing the know-how, the culture and the poetry that Italy can still boast about.
It is no coincidence that one of the core values followed by the designer and founder Erika Cavallini since beginning of her project, is the Made in Italy concept.
This brand’s philosophy is inspired by a sense of great craftsmanship, by a meticulous attention to the constructive details and by the choice of fabrics.
The soul of the product and the brand’s identity are to be found, therefore, in the attention paid to the raw materials, to the manufacturing and to research.
Vintage has always been an important source of inspiration for the designer Erika Cavallini, even from her very early collections; a passion which translated into strong distinctive signs which make her creativity recognisable.
It is the attention to detail what gives the unforgettable flavour of romantic wear to her creations, and those little “purposeful mistakes” make every garnment even more unique and precious.
The collections fully express the fashion designer’s contemporary and originally mixed lifestyle, and transmit the incredibly balanced image of an ethereal creature, dreamer of past times, with a romantic soul and timeless elegance .
In a short time the interest of the public and of the international press has approached this brand, which is now distributed worldwide and is present in some of the finest shops in the world : from Milan to Tokyo, from Moscow to London, from Seoul to Copenhagen .
This brand originates from an old stamp recovered on a counter of a vintage-brocante market in Provence, and the name Semi-Couture has been coined specifically to identify garnments which on one hand gave the idea of being “unfinished “ or “semi-finished” (as if still worn by the dress-maker’s mannequin), while on the other hand, it courted with Haute-Couture, with its precise attention to detail, craftsmanship, quality of materials and manufacturing (rigorously Made in Italy and strictly entrusted to a few craftsmen and artisans) which still perpetuates, in Italy , a tradition that the whole world wants to emulate.
The Erika Cavallini Semi-Couture collections interpret “the research of that special garment” as a way of thinking and conceiving an elegance, which above all, causes the wearer’s personality to stand out. Each creation becomes, in this way, unique, and it captures all those values that, due to its quality of manufacture, its details, its accessories and applications, make it absolutely unique, timeless and exclusive.